Why carbon credit marketplace

Establishing a single, transparent, voluntary carbon credit platform on a climate friendly blockchain platform enables every company to move towards net zero by buying carbon credits which funds sustainability linked projects and contributes to: reducing carbon emissions and to various UN-SDGs depending on the type of credit. We aim to create the world’s largest, most transparent carbon market on the back of a public blockchain. Contact Us

How it works


Strategise your emission reduction plan


Explore high quality carbon removal projects


Build your carbon removal portfolio


Purchase carbon removal or offset credits


Retire your credits & meet your emission reduction goals
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Who is it for?

Organizations moving towards net-zero

  • Track impact of carbon credits;
  • Single liquidity pool for Carbon tokens increases re-sale potential;
  • Impact NFTs allows buyers to precisely choose the type of impact that they wish to create.


Many companies purchase carbon credits to offset their own emissions, demonstrate environmental responsibility, and work towards carbon neutrality.

Investors & Financiers

Investors, financial institutions, and impact investors may purchase carbon credits as a form of impact investing, providing funding for carbon offset projects.


Carbon Credit Listing Get a comprehensive catalog of carbon credit listings, allowing buyers to browse and choose from a variety of offset projects
Pricing & Availability View current prices, availability, and the number of credits offered for each project.
Verification and Certification Assurance that carbon credits listed on the platform have been independently verified and certified, providing credibility and transparency.
Credit Retirement Retire carbon credits once purchased, ensuring they are not used by multiple buyers and supporting environmental accountability.
Impact Tracking Monitor and track the environmental impact of purchased carbon credits in terms of emission reductions and contributions to sustainability goals.
Market Trends and Insights Information on market trends, carbon pricing, and emerging opportunities to help buyers make informed decisions.


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