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About Climat

Our Thesis :

Our thesis is that if the world has to restrict warming below 2oC, organizations will urgently need platforms to disclose their footprint, finance transition to sustainable operations, and offset current carbon impact.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is ideally suited to solve for some of the above problems through providing:
Transparency and traceability into sustainability data;
  • Enabling ”Tokenization” of sustainability based assets to increase their liquidity and distribution;
  • Providing financing options such as decentralized finance, NFT based finance.

Climat :

We have built Climat - the world’s first Climate focused Blockchain platform that will host an ecosystem of Climate specific Decentralized apps (Dapps) to bring transparency to climate based data and provide liquidity for climate specific assets.

Your complete resource for environmental sustainability solutions

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Carbon Credit

Track your sustainability performance using global reporting standards as per TCFD and UNSDG. Learn More
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Track your sustainability performance using global reporting standards as per TCFD and UNSDG. Learn More
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3600 Sustainability

Access all our products at one place which enables you to monitor, analyze and report on your carbon emissions. Learn More


Tokenization Enable tokenization of carbon credits, other green assets such as green loans/green bonds.
Traceability and transparency
Traceability and transparency Through the Blockchain, view real time sustainability metrics on supply chains, green assets such as green bonds/carbon credits; this data is self-reported by the issuers and validated by third party verifiers on-chain.
Global, 24/7 green asset market
Global, 24/7 green asset market Creating a highly liquid market for tokenized green assets which acts as a funnel for climate finance.
Our Blockchain Products
Ease of sustainability reporting
Ease of sustainability reporting Being transparent and reporting sustainability information of your business activities is key to gaining stakeholders trust.
Offset carbon footprint
Offset carbon footprint Purchase authentic carbon offsets from Climat and reduce your overall carbon footprint.
Reach climate goals
Reach climate goals Set company wide UN-SDG goals, and monitor/update/showcase them to relevant stakeholders and showcase net-zero ambitions.
Monitor supply chain carbon emissions
Monitor supply chain carbon emissions Track scope 1,2,3 emissions across the value chain.
Assess supply chain climate risk
Assess supply chain climate risk As per various RCP scenarios and open-source climate/weather data, our climate risk models can assess financial risk to supply chains based on given forecast data.
Create secondary markets
Create secondary markets With tokenized green assets on Climat, multiple Defi and NFT products such as carbon derivatives, impact NFTs can be created.

Potential third-party solutions/Decentralized Apps on Climat

Defi for Carbon credits
Defi for Carbon credits Carbon credits as collateral within Defi platforms
Carbon credit derivatives
Carbon credit derivatives Derivatives on various types of tokenized carbon credits.
Climate Impact NFTs
Climate Impact NFTs NFTs representing positive climate impact based on any of the UN-SDGs.
Carbon exchanges
Carbon exchanges Create a carbon exchange that can cater to multiple types of tokenized offsets.
Tokenization of green loans
Tokenization of green loans Green loans offered by lenders can be tokenized and offered to investors.
Climate risk modelling
Climate risk modelling Modelling climate risk through open-source climate and weather data.