Why Carbon Project Development

Developing carbon project management software for project developers is essential to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of carbon offset projects. Climat.carbon enables project developers to efficiently plan, implement, and manage projects, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency. It ensures the accurate tracking of emissions data and the application of the latest methodologies, making the project more attractive to investors and regulators. Additionally, project management software simplifies reporting, helping developers maintain compliance with carbon credit standards and demonstrate the environmental impact of their projects. Contact Us

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Who is it for?

Project developers

  • Large liquidity leads to better price discovery and increased opportunity to sell credits at the best price;
  • Ability to separate impact with CO2 sequestration allows project developers to attract greater value for their sustainable projects.

Verification & Validation Bodies

  • Greater number of projects to validate since the Climat platform allows any project to register and seek to issue credits.
  • Offer additional products such as Carbon price data feeds to other agencies.

Regulatory Authorities

  • Assess, approve, and monitor carbon offset projects
  • Ensure compliance with legal and environmental requirements.


Traceability and transparency Blockchain can provide much need traceability during the entire lifecycle of a credit, hence building trust with buyers and other stakeholders. Blockchain can ensure that no double-counting can occur for a credit.
Global, 24/7 market, single liquidity pool A public Blockchain can create a global, 24/7 market for credits from multiple registries, hence creating a single liquidity pool for all types of buyers. Retail investors can also buy into these credits through a blockchain wallet.
Open platform to increase originations The entire lifecycle, from collecting issuance data, verification, issuance, trade, settlement, retirement can be captured on Blockchain with no paperwork at any point.
Reduced manual process with AI Automating the issuance process could lower issuance costs, shorten payment terms, accelerate credit issuance and cash flow for project developers.
Unfragmented marketplace The current carbon credit market is highly fragmented, with multiple standards and registries. We aim to build a voluntary carbon market that is large, transparent, verifiable, and environmentally robust.
Carbon derivatives Based on the carbon credits traded and their prices, a vibrant futures market can be created for this asset, similar to the compliance market.
Carbon project lending Once issuance data is digitally recorded, potential lenders can provide financing for projects, with future credits as collateral.
Colored credits Depending on the type of the project, the blockchain based carbon tokens can be “colored” as Blue carbon/green carbon.
Project issuance offerings Insurance to future credits can be an additional revenue stream.


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