Why Climat.Report?

With the increasing pressure to report and improve available sustainability information from customers, investors and regulators, we anticipated the need for a faster and user friendly reporting platform. Climat.report is a climate friendly blockchain based sustainability reporting tool that is affordable and facilitates the entire process of reporting journey by adhering to the global standards such as GRI, TCFD, UNSDG and many more.

How Climat.Report works?

  • Define the level of outcome and what kind of impact is intended.
  • Set goals which specifies the type of performance targeted - reduce a negative outcome, improve a positive outcome or moving an outcome from negative to positive.
  • Describe the specific activities that will lead to the expected outcome and list down the metrics to gauge the performance.
  • Set targets based on the organization's ability to reach the goals and articulate relevant sustainable development threshold for this outcome.
  • Prioritize the most important metrics to actively monitor and manage those outcomes with high importance to stakeholders and high impact risk
  • Enter performance to compare with target and outcome threshold to note whether the performance met, exceeded or underperformed.

Who is it for?



Materiality Assessment
1. Materiality Assessment We help companies evaluate their impact metrics through initial materiality accessment and hence help companies focus only on relevant material topics.
Easy Framework Selection
2. Easy Framework Selection Choose from wide list of global frameworks to report like GRI, UNSDG, TCFD etc.
Easy Reporting
3. Easy Reporting Companies can consolidate their report with the help of stakeholders and colleagues. Data requests and tagging colleagues are all possible on the platform.
Customise Reports
4. Customise Reports Create a report with a professional appearance by customising it. The report can be downloaded and shared in a variety of formats.
Organization Wide Engagement
5. Organization Wide Engagement Companies can utilize a single platform to connect their teams so they can work together and advance their ESG objectives
Ensure Accountability
6. Ensure Accountability Find data abnormalities by tracing back to the source and follow up on their resolution.
Data Validation
7. Data Validation Companies can reduce the danger of erroneous data by allowing various stakeholders to enter, review, add proofs, and approve datas. For further protection, you may even obtain an immutable blockchain audit record of all events and actions performed in climat.report.
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