Why climat.360suite

Climat offers a comprehensive range of blockchain based products to address all your organization's sustainable needs and guides you at every step throughout your decarbonization journey. With Climat you can track your GHG emissions, monitor and report your organizations sustainability performance, invest in voluantary carbon offset tokens or you can do all of them together on a single integrated platform. Contact Us

How climat.360suite works

  • Register your project by signing up and logging into the platform.
  • Add details about your organization including the sector it belongs to and the type of organization.
  • Identify the UN SDGs most relevant to your organization, set targets and monitor your performance using various metrics.
  • Identify your organization's impact using GRI standards and reporting as per TCFD framework will be coming soon.
  • Issue carbon credits for your project by easily planning for carbon pricing and shifting market demand.
  • Explore the role of tokenized carbon credits which allows you to purchase and trade carbon offsets in the voluntary carbon credit marketplace.
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Who is it for?

This suite is compatible and useful for organizations, MSMEs, project developers, verifiers, financial institutions and C suite executives. Depending on the user persona, the platform will be customized and relevant analysis and insights will be provided to the respective user.

MSMEs and corporates


Crypto exchanges

Defi and NFT companies

Carbon credit verifiers

Carbon credit project developers


Green Blockchain The Blockchain itself will be green. All nodes have to publish sustainability reports showcasing that they are net-zero.
Open SDKs SDKs will be provided to developers to integrate sustainability data, reports, carbon credits into any application.
Seamless Integration APIs will be provided for reporting, integrating Carbon credits, and other use cases.
Extensive Reporting Seamless reporting on GRI, TCFD and UN-SDGs for corporates, financial institutions and MSMEs.
Voluantary Carbon market Easily issue or purchase voluantary carbon offset tokens.
Climate Resilient Supply Chain Blockchain can enable more transparent and accurate end-to-end tracking in the supply chain.


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